CBD 2020 Varieties

Listed by maturity. Price per plant.
VarietyHarvest CalendarRatioCharacteristicsPrice
SweetenedEarly to mid October28:1Capable of 10%. Heavy per Acre yield.$1.75
T1Early to mid October25:1Capable of 15%+. Large dense flowers. Very desirable aroma. Slow growing with strong structure.$1.75
Cherry CitrusMid October 26:1Capable of 12%+. Fast growing, large flowers with fruity aroma. $1.75
BaOxMid to late October26:1Capable of 15%+. Sturdy structure, dense flowers, heavy yields and very pleasant aroma.$1.75
WifeMid to late October26:1Capable of 15%+. Fast growing, hardy, potent throughout the plant, pleasant aroma.$1.75
Purple CherryLate October to early November29:110% capable. Heavy yielding, nice aroma with purple mature flowers.$1.75
StoutEarly November30:1Safest on USDA Compliance.$1.75

CBG 2020 Varieties

Listed by maturity. Price per plant. Prices and availability subject to change.
VarietyHarvest CalendarRatioCharacteristicsPrice
CBG IceMid October 75:1Capable of 15%. Skinny, tall growth habit. Suited for high plant populations. Unique white color, perfect for a premium flower market.$2.75
CBG GoldMid October72:1Capable of 18%. Strong plant with dense, aromatic flowers.$2.75